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Welcome to Battlemasters INC World of Warcraft Alliance guild on Magtheridon realm , we hope to cover all aspects of the game namely PvP/PvE (player vs players and raid/dungeons) we are dedicated to bringing you to your very best potential whether it'd be Raiding or PvP'ing, but the most important aspect of this guild is social which plays a huge role in team building, therefore trust each other to do what we suppose to do in a Raid or even a PvP match, your social progress will be monitored by how much you talking in the guild chat and more importantly on the forums, so go beserk and tear down the forums but most importantly "HAVE FUN"

Guild Founder:

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Other Guild News

Guild Officer and Dungeonmaster recruitment is open !

Warziligon, Jun 23, 11 9:06 AM.
For experienced players, the guild officer and Dungeonmaster positions are now open, check out the forums and apply

Chat with Guild members

Warziligon, Jun 16, 11 6:53 PM.
Chatting with guilds members is as easy as pie and now can be done using you very own mobile phone and computer to view more information about this mysterious application check out the forums under general section

How to Register

Warziligon, Jun 1, 11 12:15 PM.
Register with your in-game toon/characters names which will allow us to identify who you are better

Gold Guides Available

Warziligon, Jun 1, 11 12:14 PM.
Gold guides are now available on the forum section of the site, this is a realm changing guide which will empower the entire realm by making the economy richer and at the same time you richer

Class/Spec Guides are available

Warziligon, May 31, 11 4:00 PM.
All class/spec guides are available in the forums on the website, this will help you improve in game play and show you what is what
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Battlemasters INC is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (50)
Frost (50)
Unholy (50)
Balance (50)
Feral (50)
Restoration (50)
Beast Masters (50)
Marksmanship (50)
Survivalists (50)
Arcane (50)
Fire (50)
Frost (50)
Holy (50)
Protection (50)
Retribution (50)
Discipline (50)
Holy (50)
Shadow (50)
Assassination (50)
Combat (50)
Subtlety (50)
Elemental (50)
Enhancement (50)
Restoration (50)
Affliction (50)
Demonology (50)
Destruction (50)
Arms (50)
Fury (50)
Protection (50)
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